Generosity of Spirit -Ideas For Offers of Support

The Corona Virus (COVID19) is bringing out the best in people worldwide. We are witnessing unprecedented acts of generosity, demonstrations of shared humanity.

Indeed, Donna Duggan and Andrew Shapland, with the team at both Nasikia Camps (Tanzania) and Maasai Wanderings are experiencing first-hand, an outpouring of generosity being offered by m any of our friends around the world! Whether it is to assist us in protecting wildlife or our camps until global travel and tourism recovers, or ensuring that Nasikia Camps and Maasai Wanderings continues supporting its various outreach programmes – the outpouring of goodwill from the friends of Maasai Wanderings has been heart-warming.

We can’t believe just how many of you have been in contact to help. We are sure that each of you, together with us face our own tests and trials. We are deeply thankful for your concern. We have therefore activated NASIKIA Connect, an existing programme to facilitate all the ‘extra things’ that Nasikia Camps participates in, headed by Donna herself, who was also the Chair of the Asante Africa Foundation.

Nasikia Connect already assists in several community healthcare projects and after a much dialogue we are going to offer deliveries by Maasai Wanderings vehicles in Arusha, to supply as a charitable aid, 3 ply medical grade masks, as well as sanitiser for partner project and ordinary Tanzanians that would not have the means to understand what COVID19 is, access to protect themselves and what to do if symptoms develops, in terms of self-isolation.

Operating this type of venture in exceptionally challenging times, requiring funding. With the above in mind, we would appreciate if you would express your kindness in the form of charitable donations, whether large or small to assist us in showing support for the people of the country we love, Tanzania.

If you would like to make a donation, we would be delighted to furnish account details in the United Kingdom. We aim to collectively raise GBP220,000.00 for the purchase of medical equipment to help educate and combat the COVID19 crisis in beautiful Tanzania.
Warm wishes and huge gratitude.

Donna Duggan, Andrew Shapland the team.