The Renaissance Body Science Institute


“The Art of Science and Wellbeing”

Cape Town 27th October 2010, Dr Des Fernandes comments – “We see RBSI as a “one-stop” facility for rejuvenation and for controlling how we age. Age Management describes the pioneering and advanced, proven services we offer.  Each of the facilities within RBSI complements each other. Our Specialists who are leaders in their field are able to design the most ideal program to control how one looks and feels as one gets older.  No one should have cosmetic surgery without giving serious thought to medical advice on how to age well, and one cannot age well unless one keeps fit.  I usually tell people that in the ideal world we need to address the passage of time in a number of different ways.  Making the healthiest skin with Environ makes one look younger and keeps one’s skin safe but it cannot do what plastic surgeons can do to optimise one’s appearance.

Sometimes we need more medically oriented skin treatments that cannot be done in the skin care clinic. Everyone choosing to have cosmetic surgery to make the exterior appearance look younger has to have the best skin. However what is the good of having a wonderful exterior when one’s insides are not in the healthiest state? That is where we need a doctor devoted to checking your body systems and being sure that we keep them working to their best potential.

Our teeth also are the biggest traitors as we age.  They need special care to look attractive as we age. When all these particular points are addressed we need a mind to help us achieve both optimal happiness and contentment.

Finally, intelligent exercise will keep our muscles in great shape as we age (or when we are young) and at the same time the training; will promote the release of the natural hormones that keep us healthy: growth hormone, testosterone, and oestrogen. Our specialists in Chiropractic and bio kinesis then have an important part to play in keeping our bodies in optimum condition. RBSI is a world class facility and offers all of the above within one facility.

The first floor is devoted to the Renaissance Surgical Clinic where we specialise in surgery by Plastic Surgeons.  It is without doubt the most magnificent centre for surgery in the whole of Southern Africa and we constantly get compliments from patients and doctors.  The Clinics is owned by five people, mostly plastic surgeons who see this as the ideal place to work with the best assistance from highly dedicated staff.  The other advantage is that the patients are treated in a first class unit with the most favourable cost.

The second floor consists of

  • Skin Symphony (part of the Environ Skin Care Research Institute) where the harmony of sound is used for the world’s most effective facials and body care.  This is the ultimate in Beauty and Wellness.  Massages and body scrubs etc are also available.
  • The Environ Training Centre
  • Vivida SA c.c. – the manufacturers of the Environ Skin Care Supplements and the Environ Roll-CIT

The third Floor consists of

  • Dr Bruce Muir our doctor who focuses on age management.  This is a new field of medicine to optimise our lives
  • Dr Nitus van Tonder Dentist specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • The group Practice of Dr. Nerina Wilkinson, Dr Stuart Geldenhuys  and Des Fernandes Plastic Surgeons specialising in Cosmetic surgery of the face and body
  • Renaissance Skin Science specialising in medical skin treatments.  This is the centre of Medical Needling pioneered by Dr Des Fernandes, which has become popular around the world. They also specialise in medical peeling and other medically oriented treatments.

The Fourth Floor

  • The Excusive Renaissance Body Science Gym.   To re-create your full physical potential and a major component of the perfect anti-aging regime. Contact person Steve Newman.
  • Lynn Kristafor:  Life Consultant
  • Jaco von Onselin Biokineticist for rehabilitation  from injuries
  • Jason Gaymans Chiropractor Acupuncture/ Massage therapist.
  • Personal trainers”

Dr. Des Fernandes MB BCh  FRCS (Edin)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Gigi Swanepoel

Telephone: (27) 21 426 0991

Fax: (27) 4220337