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Luxurious Villa Hortensia

 Indulge in beauties of untouched nature of unique Croatian island.

Written by Mia Russel

If you have always dreamed of a place where the sun is almost shining, the nature is mild and present, the air is filled with fine-scented notes of aromatic and healing herbs, and the sea is turquoise and crystal clear, we think it’s time to let you in on a little secret: This place truly exists…

 It’s called Island of Losinj – one of the most beautiful amongst the thousands of islands found alongside the Croatian rugged coastline. Situated in the Northern Adriatic, it’s accessible whilst offering true oasis of untouched nature. Its rich vegetation and unique climate have been appreciated for more than 200 years, as at the end of the 29th century the Austro0Hungarian government has proclaimed Losinj a natural healing oasis due to its beneficial, a natural properties for human health.

The most health-beneficial as well as beautiful bay amongst many of Losinj’s inlets and gulfs, is definitely Čikat. The Bay’s immense, centennial pine forests hide tireless cicadas playing an ongoing concert, creating a unique, intimate atmosphere for sophisticated leisure. The architectural pearl of Čikat Aby is undoubtedly the 192-built Villa Hortensia. This private villa adds on to the luxury of this magical place as it offers perfect accommodation for careless vacations.


Situated by the seaside, Villa Hortensia is the perfect dwelling for pleasant sojourns on the private peer, chilling by the private pool with heated seawater, or for soaking up the sun on the private beach. For the ultimate experience in relaxation, guests may book in at the unique outdoor spa where they can enjoy made-to-measure massage treatments and spa rituals in the Villa’s tranquil and beautifully landscaped garden.

Not only is the Mediterranean gem beautiful on the outside, the inside has its own beauty to offer. Recently refurbished according to its initial architectural plan, the Villa offers unobtrusive elegance, luxurious comfort and a sophisticated ambience. Its seven suites and on double room are decorated in sure style and elegance, and are equipped with all the amenities needed to provide guests with extra comfort. The Villa also has a dining room with an outside terrace, a living room and a bar area, WiFi is freely available on the premises.


But would a dream destination be without mouth-watering cuisine? Be prepared to be swept away by Villa Hortensia’s chef and his team pf culinary wizards who go out of their way to serve a wide-range palate-tantalizing delicacies that are typical to the island as well as Croatia.

After indulging in a hearty, freshly prepared breakfast, guests are free to make use of the services offered by the Villa’s butler and house manager, who are always ready and eager to assist and to make guests engaged in as little unnecessary physical activity as possible.

Villa Hortensia’s guests are all entitled to  luxury, VIP transport by car and speed boat upon request, private shuttle  services from and/or to Losinj Airport, and, most importantly, tailor-made excursions and sightseeing tours on the island. Perhaps an island Jeep adventure is all you need to get your adrenaline pumping. How about a day sail experience or some local town sightseeing? These are some of the diverse and exciting outdoor activities which you’ll find on the island of Losinj.

Now that the secret is out, why not visit our website for more information on Villa Hortensia and its surrounds. Or, even better yet, make your reservation with us! We look forward to greeting you with a warm “Welcome to Villa Hortensia, Losinj-unique Croatia Island of vitality!”

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