A kingdom of unspoilt majesty

Sani Pass & Sani Mountain Lodge


Nestled at the very tip of the African continent sits the world’s highpoint – Sani Mountain Lodge, which summits the notorious Sani Pass at 2876m above sea level, not to forget that it is also the world’s highest pub!


 Once you have reached the top and passed the Lesotho border post, a humble, quaint and charming Lodge awaits to welcome you, with warm open arms and a much needed stiff drink. Sani Mountain Lodge is a small, unexpected and unique Lodge, that is part of an international resort group – Ends of the Earth, whose resorts include very unique and charismatic venues that are all linked by being situated in stunning locations, either with great heights, plateaus or outlying islands. The Lodge consists of cosy rondavels, each with running hot water and a fireplace, or alternatively backpackers’ accommodation with full camping and catering facilities. Very seldom have patrons and guests left without remarking on the hearty, tasty and wholesome foods available from either the a la carte menu or buffets, served mainly during breakfast and dinner.


There are thrilling outdoor activities to enjoy for novice and advanced adventure seekers, from hiking, skiing, trail walks, mountain biking, 4×4 drives, fauna and flora tours, horse riding to cultural tours. The greatest experience at Sani Mountain Lodge, is simply enjoying the breath taking 360 degree views of the majestic mountain range, which never seizes to dazzle, be it in winter with a divine blanket of clouds and snow or during the sunnier months, when the skies open with beaming sunlight. For a break from the concrete jungle and rat race, Sani Pass and Sani Mountain Lodge await with exceptional landscape splendours and tranquillity.


Sani Pass lies between the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal and the landlocked kingdom of Lesotho, forming part of the Maloti-Drakensburg Park and has been named a UNESO World Heritage Site. The Pass was first challenged in 1948 by a former RAF spitfire pilot and back then, the 9km trek took a grand total of 6 hours all the way to the very top. Being the highest peak after Mount Kilimanjaro, Sani Pass is often a testing ground prior to attempting Kilimanjaro and by no means does it give any free passes. Throughout the years, the 4×4 community have also used the treacherous Pass to test and validate the prowess of their vehicles, with all the sharp hairpin bends, the loose rock dirt road and the constantly changing weather. For the ultimate trial, multiply all these conditions by ten, should you wish to drive up in winter when the abundance of snow, rain, mist, skidding and slippery turns are all the norm.

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