We  are taking market lead! Over recent weeks many of you have been concerned that Fed Air are withdrawing from Vilancoulos – which is right they are at the end of the month!

The GOOD NEWS for 2013 is that our partner Airline, AIRLINK have now gained authority to take the route which will operate under an SAA flight code. This is wonderful news as passengers travelling from all of our key markets will be able to interline luggage direct to Vilancoulos and get boarding passes for all sectors on check in!

Airlink, offers superior service and is a “Full Service Airline” so your guest’s traveling to our Island Resort of Azura will enjoy full service, dedicated quality cabin crew, superb pilots and a great aircraft!

Join us in a celebration of “Flying the Skies of Africa” as we pioneer new and exciting routes!

Remember Azura Island Retreat is one of the finest in the world and one of the best, if not the best in Mozambique so we all look forward to your continued support and your support of Airlink as they pioneer yet another route!

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FAX: +27 21 422 0337

WEB: www.therovingambassador.com