God’s Windows

By Les Aupiais

Private EditionArticle - In Residence

Why is it that with any form of architectural brick-and-mortar wonder – even the most lavish and opulent – it must, in fairness, always give way gracefully to a hero view. This is what sells and seduces. Private Edition selects a handful of views ‘icons’ that make you deeply and madly desire to be there – or own it – even for a moment.

On one of those evenings when Cape Town stills as if holding its breath and the late, late summer is suspended in 25⁰C mode, 5 Nettleton Road seems to float above the ocean unanchored by the cliff face it has carved. While any architectural description of the Stefan Antoni design will give you the list – a Zen garden of stone, water and wood; infinity pool suspended by architectural magic over a void; vast bedroom suites; and linear genius, modernity and innovation – it is the entertainment level that frames the magical shot of sea and sky.


No 5 is famous Nettleton Road’s starship. Open to 180 degrees of glassy ocean and the last green flash of a setting sun, the early evening is the property’s crescendo. Later that night, the butler slips a tall bank of sliding doors across the expanse of the entertainment area against the chill and midnight ocean. From a level above, bedrooms share the view and your last thoughts are flying.


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