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Hidden Sanctuary

Island paradise, ensuring total privacy and exclusivity.

Written by Mia Russel

Anyone who is serious about island vacations knows that Mozambique is fast becoming the destination for a tropical island holiday experience. And, just like in the stories, you are bound to find treasure when you do some exploring of this island.

 Azura Quilalea Private Island is one of those treasures – a hidden gem in the true sense of the word, located in the pristine Quirimbas Archipelago which is a scattering of beautiful unspoilt islands in rete art of the northern Mozambique. Guests are taken to the island by helicopter, from where the breath-taking beauty of the island with its turquoise water and snow white sandy beaches can be enjoyed.


Its remoteness makes this island the perfect place to visit for those in search of exclusive serenity. As a wholly inhabited island paradise that is completely surrounded by the waters of a marine sanctuary, guests are ensures of total privacy and exclusivity at all times. The latter, of course, being one if the reasons for its popularity amongst honeymooners, too.


Although far-off, one should, however not underestimate the luxuries and indulgences which are hiding behind a relaxed and understated “Robin Crusoe” castaway style. This luxurious malaria-free Indian Ocean retreat offers 9 spacious handcrafted seafront villas, all exhibiting fine style, elegance and sheer comfort. Each villa has its own “host”, who will go out of his way to ensure that his guests are having the most luxurious island experience of a lifetime. Tip: Be sure to ask for a hot tub to be prepared on your deck, which is exactly what it is!

If spending three-quarters of your day in lukewarm water is your idea of a relaxing breakaway, Azura Quilalea is undoubtedly your ultimate holiday destination. The island is an absolute paradise for lovers of marine life, offering guests superb snorkelling and world class scuba diving expeditions just off the main beach at the retreat’s house reef. Whether you’re an expert at diving or still need to learn the tricks of the trade, the Padi 5-star diving facility will assist in whichever way needed.

Azura Quilalea also offers fishing activities for those who prefer spending time above water and keeping dry. Throw your line into some of the world’s most renowned fishing waters to catch Giant Trevally, or join in on a deep sea fishing trip for tuna or king mackerel. More relaxing activities include kayaking through the mangroves on nearby Sencar Island, or a walk in unspoilt nature while spotting one of the island’s 182 species of birds.

Guests can look forward to enjoying meals, bursting with flavour of the island’s natural and local produce. And just when you think you have discovered and experienced the ultimate tasting experience, the hosts will surprise you with a range of different dining locations and set-ups in the way that Azura has become known for: Choose between a private dining experience beneath the towering ancient baobabs, a remote beach picnic, or a romantic candle-lit dinner on the beach beneath a sky set alight by a thousand stars.

Whether it’s to relax or spend some quality time needed time with a loved one, or to take the family on a holiday they will never forget, your ultimate island expedition awaits… and now it finally has a name Azura Quilalea Private Island.


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