Holden Manz- Fine living, wining and dining

Holden Manz wine estate is more than a glorious vineyard and winery. It’s a five-star country house with a top restaurant, spa, and art gallery…all in the breathtaking setting of Franschhoek in the Cape.

Lying at the top of the Franschhoek Valley between the town of Franschhoek and the Stony Brook River in the heart of the Cape Winelands, Holden Manz wine estate is overlooked by the spectacular mountains which stand guard over the vineyards below.

Dark, fertile loam soil is the basis on which this 22-hectare winery claims its resounding successes; that, together with its state-of-the-art wine making and spectacular countryhouse, makes a visit to Holden Manz more than an outing to the winelands. It’s a place to stay, to soothe away city stresses, and clink glasses with somebody special.

This charming five star guesthouse, Holden Manz Country House, is set in a small, verdant estate. The property was transformed into a wine farm in 1999, and although the House is set some distance from the winery, it’s surrounded by the vineyards. Guests enjoy a highly personalised experience during their stay in one of only five beautifully appointed rooms, a treat highlighted by the celebrated Franschhoek Kitchen, rated one of the valleys leading restaurants. The foodie philosophy of Franschhoek Kitchen is clearly to conjure up the best international cuisine, but it’s clear, their hearts lie in the simplicity and pureness of each and every ingredient. High dining is for others, for Franschhoek Kitchen prefers to share stylish, well prepared, delectable home-made dishes with their keen clientele, each recipe – as they say, “inspired by the country we live in and the farm we work on.” “Our vineyard is heavily influenced by the seasons…so are we, and so is our food – nature at its best, brought on to your plate – either in the dining room, among the vines outdoors, or as a picnic along the Franschhoek River – always with a glass of award-winning wine from our estate.”

If you’re planning a mini adventure on Franschhoek’s popular Wine Tram, do make sure to stop at Holden Manz and enjoy a light meal downstairs, or the delicious a la carte menu upstairs on the deck overlooking the majestic mountains of Franschhoek. It’s not to be missed!

For art lovers, The Holden Manz Collection is located in the centre of Franschhoek and hosts a portfolio of fine contemporary African art. The Gallery schedules regular shows and has a resident selection of work from renowned artists such as Karin Miller, Marie Stander, Luhanri Bekker, Trevor Potter, Lisette Forsyth, Jayne Cully, Donna McKellar and Shui-Lyn White. Pop into 30 Huguenot Street in Franschhoek where gallery and estate owner, Migo Manz and assistants Yolanda and Zuricka will be happy to show you around. They’ve been providing art for international collections since 2006, and are happy to ship works worldwide, fully insured.

Relaxation comes naturally when entering Holden Manz, and it’s perfectly complimented by the first-class spa. Professional staff offer an enticing multitude of therapies, all including local products which can be purchased as gifts, or for continued use at home.

Holden Manz is more than a wine estate. Much more. It’s the perfect place to step away from city stresses, and live a little slower, better, best.


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