3 November 2011

Saving Private Rhino launches anti-poaching training course

Saving Private Rhino, an initiative established after 2 rhino’s were brutally killed and dehorned on the Aquila Private Game Reserve has been setup to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage. Aspects of this comprehensive integrated anti-poaching solution are being made available to private game reserves that require assistance defending their wildlife.

Founder of Saving Private Rhino, Searl Derman, is pleased to announce the launch for the first in a series of training courses designed to train game rangers and security teams in pro and reactive anti poaching tactics. This 10day course, normally offered at a cost of R13 000.00, will be provided free of charge to two members from private reserves that are home to rhino. The course is designed to ensure, those students qualifying, can return to their lodges with enough knowledge to implement basic security systems and train other staff

The course will cover subjects which include:

  • Suspect recognition
  • Legal aspects
  • Routine clandestine patrolling
  • Map reading/GPS
  • Radio communication/signals
  • Ambush and counter ambush tactics
  • Kit and Equipment
  • Tracking
  • Poaching methods and how to counteract them
  • Observation points and hides
  • Deployment methods and clandestine infiltration/exfiltration
  • Crime scene management
  • Training on hi-tech forewarning surveillance radar and thermal imaging systems
  • 24 hour realistic operational ‘vasbyt’ exercise
  • Small team tactics
  • Firearms competency (optional extra)

The first course scheduled to start mid November 2011 will run for 10 days at the Saving Private Rhino training facilities in Touws River. The instructor has had many years experience and have trained anti-poaching tactics throughout South Africa.

Searl Derman is determined to train two rangers from every game reserve around the country and will not rest until private reserves are in a position to protect their own wildlife. “Funds for the training will come from donations to our Saving Private Rhino campaign or out of my own pocket but I will do everything I can to ensure that no one has to ever again experience the death of a butchered rhino” said Searl Derman.

Parties interested in the course will find the course details on the website www.savingprivaterhino.org. All applicants must be; reasonably fit and healthy, have no criminal record or have ever been accused or charged of conservation crimes (or other) and must work for an establishment that has rhino registered with Nature Conservation. The anti-poaching course as well as accommodation for the duration of the course will be at no charge for the two members of private game reserve staff, meals re for own account.

For further information contact searl@savingprivaterhino.org or visit www.savingprivaterhino.org


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