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Stem cell treatment revolutionising healthcare

Stem cell treatment is the ‘miracle cure’ on everyone’s lips right now. Recent report and studies have outlined how the revolutionary treatment can provide life-changing results for conditions from cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS) to a range of degenerative conditions. Stem cells have even now most recently been used to create lab-grown sperm.

By The Roving Ambassador

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Stem cell treatments, otherwise known as autologous stem cell transplantation, harvest the patient’s own stem cells from their abdominal fat or bone marrow. These cells are then introduced at a later date to ‘kick-start’ the immune system and fight off any harmful cells.

Simon Moyes, one of the UK’s finest surgeon, is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon offering stem cell treatments for the likes of cartilage repair and regeneration. Simon comments, “I am particularly interested in stem cell treatments for the likes of cartilage repair and regeneration. It is being hailed as revolutionary to medicine with stem cell research and treatments is moving at a fast and exciting space.”

Simon has undertaken his own research into current developments in stem cell technology for cartilage regeneration over the last two years. In the past twelve months, Simon has specifically looked at a number of manufacturing companies specialising in orthopaedic product that have developed system to utilise stem cell taken from bone marrow. He is currently working with these companies to assess the efficacy of new regenerative orthopaedic treatments.

Simon adds: “One of the manufacturing companies I’ve been speaking with is Regeneus, which recently underwent a trail in Sydney whereby stem cells were taken from a patients’ fat and injected into arthritic knees and to augment other arthroscopic joint restoration surgery. In 80 per cent of patients, the injection into arthritic knees produce an 80 per cent reduction in arthritic symptoms.”

Simon is also working with colleagues at the University College London, to look at further enhancing stem cell techniques and stem cell banking.

Simon’s own stem cell experience

Simon was introduced to Natural Biosciences by colleagues in the UK and eventually travelled to Zurich in 2013as part of a trail for Natural Biosciences, a company specialising in the production of stem cell derived micro vesicles.

The treatment involved harvesting fat derived stem cells then expanding them in a laboratory, stressing them to release micro vesicles and then injecting them either focally or intravenously depending upon the need. Natural Biosciences treatments aim to use these micro vesicles for multiple uses including the treatment of arthritis but also optimising organ function. Simon has number of friends and patients who have also travelled to Switzerland for similar treatments. The team from Natural Bioscience are relocating to the UK.

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Andrew Shapland – a Simon Moyes case study

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Andrew Shapland suffered two right shoulder injuries, one in January 2015 and one in June 2015 making it difficult for him to undertake everyday tasks.

In January 2015, Andrew was swimming and kept hearing a click in his right shoulder, as if the tendon had come out of his place. Andrew was put on anti-inflammatory drugs for about a month to help with his condition, but didn’t notice any improvements. Andrew knew this wasn’t going to be a long-term solution and insisted something had to be done. He waited around four weeks before asking for an MRI scan, and when completed, the results showed body defect with a bone going in the opposite direction to the way it should be facing.

When Andrew’s condition was diagnosed in Cape Town, he initially had back surgery at the Wellington Hospital, London. Andrew comments: “I was very pleased with my treatment and surgery at The Wellington Hospital that I decided to visit their website and search for a shoulder surgeon that could help with my condition. Simon Moyes was at the top of the list. I then carried out some research on him, called, made an appointment and flew to London. “

In addition to his shoulder injury, Andrew injured himself again in June 2015 after slipping in the shower at his local gym, resulting in a dislocated shoulder.

Following the slip, Andrew was taken into the emergency room in Cape Town where an x-ray was performed. After a doctor took a closer look at his results, he was informed that his slip did not result in a dislocated shoulder and that everything was going to be fine. The next morning, Andrew woke up with a swollen shoulder, and called Simon to arrange an appointment.

The initial consultation and diagnosis was quick as Andrew flew out from Cape Town. Simon made a decision to operate on Andrew within two days, as his shoulder had to be operated on as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

Andrew comments; “Simon recommended the treatment for my shoulder and everything was done to perfection. He guided through the procedure and I agreed to what he had to say; I put all my trust in his hands and achieved excellent results.”

“When you meet Simon, you get the sense of confidence. I would describe him as having a strong presence. His surgical procedures are second to none. I would highly recommend him as he is the best shoulder surgeon, both in the UK and globally.”

The period of improvement post-surgery took 3 months and Andrew was having a final MRI on his shoulder to ensure that all the repair work done was fully rectified.

The MRI was carried out in Cape Town and the results was sent to Simon to review. Both are confident that he is on the road to a full recovery.

His own experience of the treatment was the pain from united rib fracture healed within six weeks of the injection and for approximately six months following the injection, his back pain improved. He also felt generally reenergised for a similar period of time. Simon’s comments: “My testament alone cannot be of empirical value, but as a consultant involved professionally with these types of techniques, it is relatively unique to be involved personally as well.”

About Simon Moyes

Simon Moyes is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in the treatment of knee, shoulder, foot and ankle problems. He was one of the first to introduce arthroscopic/keyhole surgery to the foot and ankle into the UK.

Simon has been a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon since 1994, previously he was an orthopaedic lecturer at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, having worked at the University College Hospital in London. He went into full time private practice in 1997. He is currently based at the Wellington Hospital in Central London and also carries out clinics in The Shard and at 31 Old Broad Street in the City. He has a particular interest in developing cartilage regeneration and repair techniques and is one of the few international members of the Arthroscopy Association of North America.

Each year, Simon carries out approximately 500 arthroscopic/Minimally invasive operations and is interesting in researching and developing new arthroscopic techniques.

These includes arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation and rotator cuff repairs, arthroscopic treatment for ankle arthritis and instability, arthroscopically assisted knee ligament reconstruction and cartilage repair.


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