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Dr Jason Gaymans

Cape Town, January 14th 2011: Our Deputy Editor, Jenna Robbertse, has a little secret to share…

‘I am not a big one for referrals of specialists. I have been with Angela my beautician, Deon my facialist and Savelle my trusted GP for years and years. To be truthful, I’m a creature of habit, so when I do find someone amazing, I usually hold onto them for dear life… and push any thought that they may retire, move country or, God forbid, change careers, to the back of my head!

Because of my attachment, I thought I’d keep my best find of the year a secret, but I decided that wouldn’t be fair. The other day I bumped into a young man by the name of Dr. Jason Gaymans – a chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist who works at Renaissance Clinic in Cape Town. I didn’t think at the time I would be needing to make an appointment to see him, but as luck would have it, two days after bumping into him I woke up with a spasm in my back.

So I thought I’d step out of my routine and give Dr. J a call to set up an appointment. Little did I know that Dr. J not only flies to London to work on editor of Vanity Fair UK and some other celebs who can’t be named, but his references are just short of the Queen Mother!

Dr. J was rated as the top in his field by Tatler Travel Guide and Vanity Fair, and to say that he has magic hands is an understatement. He has sorted out my back spasm and I am no longer walking like a robot, which didn’t suit the towering stilettos and denim shorts look in the slightest.

The secret is out. Dr. Jason Gaymans can be reached on 082 437 1032. Below are a couple of glowing references. The man is a miracle worker!’