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On behalf of the entire team I need to re-affirm the mission Statement of the RBSI. This statement was first made early in 2004 and introduced the Renaissance Body Science Institute as an integrated group practice of world-class experts specialising in the art and science of well-being.

The vision is to enrich quality of life by maximising personal potential on every level by nurturing optimum health for our clients by applying breakthrough knowledge, supported by leading edge technology and aspiring to standards of excellence.

In order to achieve this, a number of changes are envisaged:

  • The gym is to be refurbished during the festive season. It will be closed during this period and will re-open early in January.
  • The style of management will concentrate on promoting the goals of the mission statement.
  • I will personally take control and responsibility for ensuring that the gym becomes a place where all aspects of exercise can be celebrated to enhance health within the concepts of Renaissance.

This is a really special place and we will be hosting events periodically to give you even greater value.

The concept of managed ageing is unique to Renaissance by nature of the recognition that this science has to be practiced at many levels. Every aspect of this concept is practiced and is available at the Renaissance Body Science Institute. This includes issues such as Vascular Health, diet advice and control, mind motivation and active anti-ageing treatment.

Exercise in a controlled and special environment remains one of the vital cornerstones in achieving the goal of healthy ageing, and I look forward to welcome you into a new era of wellbeing at the RBSI gym.

I take this opportunity to wish you the most successful, happy and healthy 2011.

Quoted by

Des Fernandes

Cape Town, South Africa