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Kyaninga Lodge

Step into an untouched part of Africa where you can unwind in the confines of luxury.

Find yourself nestled at the edge of an extinct volcanic crater lake at Kyaninga Lodge. It is situated at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains, where the Great Rift Valley meets the mighty Congo Basin.

This is an African experience of rare majesty, where the beauty of the natural world provides panoramic views. Along with the accommodation is a classic approach to elegant fine dining and endless adventurous possibilities.

There are nine exclusive cottages made from hand carved logs to provide guests with the utmost luxury. The cottages are reached by raised wooden platforms, providing privacy during your stay. The rooms are fitted with the utmost luxurious furniture and finishings, and have private viewing decks and freestanding baths, where you can truly unwind.

Spend your day in the pool, or lounging on the terrace, with views of Lake Kyaninga right before your eyes. Guests can also enjoy the splendour of swimming in Lake Kyaninga itself, which has blue water and a timeless rainforest.

Kyaninga Lodge is home to beautifully designed gardens, and if you’d like to explore the area, they’re ready to help you set those plans in motion. Kyaninga Dairy is an endeavour by the lodge to assist the Kyaninga Child Development Centre in becoming self-sufficient. Guests are invited to see the working farm during their visit and taste some of the goats cheese which is sold throughout Uganda.

Other activities include guided walks around the Kyaninga Crater Lake and Forest where you can spot the wondering wildlife. For more adventures in the region, there is the Chimpanzee Safari at the Kibale National Park, set in the evergreen rainforest of Kibale, gorilla trekking, the Rwenzori Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Queen Elizabeth National Park.