In his new guide, “The secret of Europe” from Lonely Planet team we made a list of “50 unforgettable experience that will inspire your next trip.”

Lots of European travellers are attracted to its many charms, says Lonely Planet. History, culture, compelling landscapes are just some of the beauties that our continent constitute. An area of incredible natural beauty of the compound, sounds, people and entertainment. Most of the favourite places of their choice still remain unknown to most travellers and that is why we made this guide.

The study helps professionals, tourists, locals and lovers of travel, resulting in “unexpected magical places that breed lifelong memories.” As mentioned above, the selected 50 locations will be an unforgettable journey through Europe, and among them we found two Croatian locations, Losinj and Zagreb, namely Street Art Museum in Zagreb.

“Founded in Spring 2010. The Zagreb Museum of street art has no fixed location, hours, curators or pompous openings. Conceived as a series of projects the first project was successfully completed when over 80 artists received 450 meters of the wall that separates Branimir street from train tracks. The latest project is embellished, colourful street art by Dugave and Sige, fourth in Novi Zagreb, “says Lonely Planet.

For Losinj we only had words of praise: “At the southern end of the island of Losinj, in the Kvarner Bay one can explore scarcely populated peninsula’s in the shape of the thumb, which is blessed with outstanding natural bays and is perfect for hiking.

Tourists are welcome to take a copy of the map ‘Promenade & hiking trails. ‘One lonely road stretches down the spine of this hilly wooded area and disappears at Mrtvaška, at Losinj mainland. In one day you can explore on foot the entire peninsula and swim in deserted coves. ”

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