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 Purchasing and selling properties in a foreign country can often create a sense of challenge and concern albeit the excitement of purchasing a property is never lost and the sale of a property clearly needs selective guidance in terms of how much one should sell for. By: The Roving Ambassador

This is where the guidance of excellent attorneys practising to the Gold Standard comes into being. Recently, we came across a firm called Herold Gie Attorneys which was founded in 1894 in Cape Town. This law firm boasts a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 122 years and offers a wide range of legal services divided between a number of directors, consultants, associates and other professionals.

In terms of conveyancing, wills and estates and advising on tax implications and structures, as well as exchange control regulations, property finance and sectional title, one could not hope to find two more professional and dynamic attorneys in the firm than Linda Jordaan and Stefan Le Roux. Both Le Roux and Jordaan are directors of Herold Gie Attorneys (full name Herold Gie & Broadhead Inc.).

In 1995, Jordaan was the first woman in the history of the firm to be appointed as a director to the board. She was appointed as the first woman CEO in 2007 (apparently the first woman CEO to be appointed to a major law firm in the Western Cape at that time) and the first chairwoman of the board in 2011 and is currently the firm’s financial director. She joined the firm in 1990 and is a qualified conveyancer practising in the property law department. Jordaan’s practise includes the drafting of contracts, consulting and advising on property disputes, sub-divisions of land, negotiation with developers and advising on sectional title schemes. Her specialisation in tax law benefits those clients who need advice on the tax implications of particular property transactions. She clearly knows her business and is the type of lawyer one would seek advice from, and undoubtedly the type of lawyer one has every confidence in. She is meticulous, has an exceptional eye for detail and a skill set that many would envy.

When selling and buying real estate for private use, Stefan Le Roux, Director of Herold Gie, strongly holds his ground. Le Roux specialises in all aspects of property law including the drafting of complex property agreements, transaction tax implications, planning and advice, exchange control and non-resident transactions, finance structures, residential and commercial developments and sectional titles. In addition, he is an experienced deceased estates and fiduciary practitioner. Le Roux graduated from the University of Stellenbosch and is also a qualified solicitor of the Supreme Court of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is well placed to assist foreign national property investors. To top it off, he is the President of the Cape Town Attorneys Association and is a member of the property law committee of the Cape Law Society. Le Roux is undoubtedly charming and very precise, he knows his business and understands how to meet his clients’ needs.

When buying, selling or looking for great legal advice, the people to call are most definitely Jordaan or Le Roux and The Roving Ambassador would give them a 10 out of 10 rating. The two properties featured in this article, one located under the stunning slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town’s exclusive St John’s Estate and the second located high on the mountain side in Hout Bay, Cape Town, are both on the market, with the St John’s property at a premium of ZAR11,500,000 and Hout Bay at ZAR13,000,000. It is well worth giving Stefan Le Roux or Linda Jordaan a call.



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