As Samuel Jackson would have put it, if you’re tired of Londolozi, you’re tired of the bush; for there is here all that the bush can afford.

Amazing websites, extraordinary brochures, excellent coverage by leading travel magazines, offering of the big five and an enthusiastic recommendation from you travel agent, who has been there personally, make actually booking an expensive break into any of over 50 luxury game lodges in SA really easy; however, many of them will disappoint you.

If you think that choosing a name for your newborn child (poor kid’s gonna carry that mistake with them for a while), a new car or a partner for life are difficult, try selecting a luxury game lodge where you’ll have just a few days to experience your ‘Out of Africa’ holiday of a lifetime.

You see, there are big marketing budgets thrown at these lodges, and we know that with a large enough budget, you can even get people to quaff Red Bull! Londolozi however does not disappoint; it ticks boxes that you had not even thought of.  So let’s cut through the marketing sludge and see why this is.

It is a home to leopard, and they live right in the Londolzi bush; they choose to live there.  Leoopards are a rare sight on game drives, but not a Londolozi.  They’ve lived here for 35 years, and they’re prolific.  The rangers excel at making your experience much more than a Nat Geo DVD; they’re real, informative, personable and tune into your viewing desires very quickly.

Londolozi is truly exclusive – a massive area full of game, and a limited number of vehicles to content with one sighting.

And when you finally retire from the game viewing for lunch, a G & T, dinner or to relax in your suite, the lodge punches far beyond its weight compared to most five-star, city-based hotels, who have an abundance of product and qualified staff at their fingertips.  At Londolozi you feel like a president (without the responsibility), a film star (without the make-up) or a pop star (who can sing).  For luxury game lodges, start at Londolozi; it sets a standard that’s hard to beat.

Tony stayed courtesy of the ‘Private Client’ listings of The Roving Ambassador / Tourism Corporation Africa.  The Roving Ambassador, +27 21 426 0991,