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It is quite an honor to be invited to chair Premier Traveler’s Advisory Board. The position is not one that I would usually accept, but, then again PT isn’t the type of publication one normally comes across- most notably because of the way it keeps an open dialogue with its readers. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the travel industry and various other subjects we’ll be touching upon together, but allow me to first get the conversation going by telling you a little bit about myself.

Over the past 30 years, my careers as an international businessman has landed me various “home-bases”, including Cape Town, London and New York. As a leading specialist of strategic sales and marketing within the hospitality industry, my significant experience and in-depth knowledge have consistently produced successful results and given me a unique insight into the worlds of service and travel. I’ve promoted a range of hotels and lodges in Malaysia, Bali and Southern Africa, including the former Conservation Corporation, and I was instrumental in creating the Small Exclusive Hotels in Southern Africa (which later merged into Tourism Corporation Africa, Ltd.).

In short, I have the industry expertise, knowledge and vision to lead this advisory board in tandem with Premier Traveler. Futhermore, having personally travelled with some members of the senior and followed the magazine since its beginnings, I know better than most just what it means to be a “premier traveler”. I’ve seen the passion that goes into every issue, and have a great respect for the integrity of this team. The accolades that continued to roll in are testament to the remarkable nature of PT’s editorial focus.

I look forward to amplifying the voice of Premier Traveler readers with my input and those of the board that will form. I am in a position to bring together icons in our industry from around the world to create dynamic, diverse and knowledgeable advisory board that will further enhance the publication. I want to make sure it remains the market leader, with the fun and non-biased articles that readers look forward to in every issue-we just intend to raise the bar even higher.


Shanaaz Solomons
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