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Croatia is recognized as one of the most beautiful destination appreciated for its diversity, unique coast and unspoiled nature. In the northern Adriatic Sea, well known for its deep blue, crystal clear sea, lays a very special island called Lošinj.

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The power of nature Lošinj is very special for various reasons. It is the only Croatian island with unique subtropical climate. It is best known for its very rich, fragrant nature – more than 1000 different aromatic and healing plants grow on the island, as well as beautiful, clean sea with a colony of 120 bottlenose dolphins. Lošinj’s healing energy of a divine nature has been preserved till today. Moreover, it is an ideal place for vacations all-year round, as its unique climate makes summers never too hot while the winters are mild and pleasant. If you are dreaming of active holidays, Lošinj has to offer more than 2600 sunny hours per year and more than 250 kilometers of tracking, walking and cycling trails. The best time to inhale to the fullest the healing powers of Lošinj’s nature is – spring or autumn. At that time wind blends the drops of plants’ essential oils with refreshing sea spray, creating unique outdoor wellness. Due to it, Lošinj is for over 120 years recognized as the climate SPA of very beneficial effect on human health.

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A lot of attention is, therefore, being given to preservation of untouched nature, cherished for generations to come. The nature is being integrated in every detail of our hotels, wellness and SPA offer and gastronomy. Come to Lošinj, the island of vitality, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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 Lošinj Hotels & Villas – YOUR SINCERE HOST

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Lošinj Hotels & Villas (LH&V) is the biggest hotel group on the island best known for its newly refurbished hotels and villas specially designed for pleasant and relaxing stay. Over the last seven years, LH&V invested more than 120 million euro was in upgrade, redesign and repositioning of hotels from its portfolio. The most charming of them all, new and

luxurious hotel Bellevue was opened just recently.


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Settled by the sea, in the heart of a centennial pine forest of the most intimate and beautiful

Lošinj bays, Čikat, Hotel Bellevue will take your breath away. Passing through a comprehensive renovation, the hotel delivers sophisticated comfort for a luxurious, dream holidays. Carefully chosen details, exquisite service and unique concept of content secure for a guest carefree relaxation and enjoyment at any time of the year. Luxurious interior and spaciousness is heightened once you step into the elegant SPA Clinic with a private garden, modern relax and fitness zone, and spacious indoor and outdoor pool with seawater.

The SPA Clinic provides a new generation of SPA service designed in cooperation with physicians, nutritionists and kinesiologists. Use your vacations for tailor-made Beauty & Health programs that will help you release stress, get fi t shape or acquire new, healthy living habits. Facial and body treatments are carried out exclusively with selected, innovative cosmetics from the leading, pharmaceutical laboratories. Relaxed, you can enjoy fi ne dining prepared for you by our chefs. Luxurious dining and lounge areas invite you to indulge in an exquisite gourmet experience. We advise you to taste some of amazing local delicacies, such as Istrian beef, as well as fresh, artisanal products from all over Croatia.

Should you intend to visit us for business, please note that the hotel also provides spacious conference facilities, equipped with state-of-the art technique, securing an elegant setting for the ultimate business experience.


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On the other side of the island, on the beautiful horn just above centennial port of Veli Lošinj, you can enjoy amazing natural beauties from exquisite comfort of Vitality Hotel Punta. Punta is a place where the best of Lošinj’s nature is used to rejuvenate all you senses. Moreover, it is the hotel with prestigious ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) and ESPA (European Spa) certificates guaranteeing anti-allergy approach in maintenance of infrastructure and preparation of the food, as well as excellence in SPA and wellness services and offer.

Use your stay at the Vitality Hotel Punta to capitalize from the untouched, healing nature and the impeccable offer of beauty, health and fitness programs of Vitality Zone. Select a

treatment that will complement to relaxation, regeneration and rejuvenation of your body and mind. Specially designed beauty rituals are fully adjustable to you needs and are carried out in a holistic manner, by our experienced therapists. At the Vitality Zone, we use only organically produced, locally grown essential oils along with natural cosmetics with EUROCERT certificate. Handpicked treatments, vitality massages or rituals will result in your full homeostasis. Relaxed and calmed, you will be able to enjoy breath taking view from the Relax Zone along with a cup of tea and freshly cut fruits. Vast blue sea framed by clear sky and massive Velebit Mountain will leave you amazed.

As Vitality Hotel Punta is situated next to 10000 steps long vitality path, it is recommended to the guests in favor of adventure, active holidays and sports. Take an early morning walk next to the sea by yourself or with a trainer, inhale deeply healing nature and revitalize your whole body. At the hotel, you can always join one of popular Les Milles programs or exercise individually at our state-of-the art gym equipped with supreme TechoGym Cardio machines, Gravotonic multi-exercise machine or Stott Pilates equipment. Moreover, capitalize your

health by staying at the open air – take a swim in one of our pools filled with seawater, exercise in outdoor fitness or simply play a tennis match.

As Veli Lošinj is preserving its priceless natural resources recognized for healing benefits more than 120 years ago, the unique natural wellness still has beneficial impact on human

health. Our team of physicians – specialists in pediatrics and internal medicine, nutritionists and kinesiologists put together specially developed Re-Spiro programs that are contributing

positively to healing of minor obstructive breathing problems.

Take a week or two to clean your lungs and adopt new breathing techniques that might help improve your everyday living.

Welcome to Lošinj – BY AIR

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Lošinj has never been closer to European guests, because now Lošinj can be reached fast and comfortably – by airplane. Lošinj Hotels & Villas offers its guests taxi airplane transportation from any airport in Europe or Croatia. Beechcraft King Air C90B, twin turboprop airplane is extremely comfortable, fast and reliable, and can carry up to six

passengers. With this service we also offer transportation from the airport to the hotel or villa, and on departure transportation to the airport. No matter when you choose to visit Lošinj, with your first step on the island, you will be able to inhale fragrances of more

than 1000 aromatic and healing herbs and feel the energy of this very special place. When coming back home, you will feel reborn. Therefore, welcome to Lošinj – island of vitality!


Use a code “AIRNAM” for booking a stay at Hotel Bellevue or the Vitality Hotel Punta and realize 20% discount.


For stay of 7 nights and over – we confirm room upgrade (subject to commercial demand) and a bottle of Croatian wine in the room on arrival.


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