2013 is a year of change and growth!

The solely owned  Croatian Hotel Group “Losinj Hotels and Villas” are set to offer suppliers and guests connecting flights from Rijeka and Pula to Losinj Airport with “on request charters” to Venice, Dubrovnik and Zagreb. The modern pressurised aircraft, will be an “Airlink” for guests to fly to Mali Losinj Airport from Pula and Rijeka in around 20 minutes with charters services  available from the Vitality Island, to Venice and Dubrovnik.

We are reopening corridors of air travel in Croatia and the Island of Losinj with a long term plan of being one of the most accessible and exclusive Islands in the Adriatic – Losinj referred to as the “Vitality Island” has not in recent years offered direct air services so we are just about to enter into a new and exciting era of offering a world-class product with easy access by air!

For Further Information:

Andrew Shapland. The Roving Ambassador.

Email: andrew@therovingambassador.com