Camp Kuzuma’s luxt.ry African safari experience begins as you leave Kasane airport in Botswana. The elephants wander around freely and can be spotted all along the road leading to the camp -hardly surprising, since it is nestled in the world’s largest corridor of migrating elephants. More specifically, between the Chobe National Park and neighbouring Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The elephants seem at peace here, like they know their kind have been migrating along this route for hundreds of years. The tented camp, under a canopy of Mopane trees, is as close as you can get to bush heaven. The watering hole is 30 m from the lodge and whether you are enjoying an outdoor shcmer, sitting on the deck with a drink or having a Tsala massage in the open tent, you hear the elephants “talking•. There’s the occasional playful locking of tusks, plus a cacophony of snorts, trumpets, and barks. The sounds of the bush are amongst the most relaxing sounds one can hear.
The camp’s proximity to the national park’s elephant residents means it can get loud when a large herd of 200 elephants gather at the watering hole. Babies, adolescents and adults gather from dawn to dusk, drinking their fill, creating their cmn water fountains and covering themselves in mud to protect their skin from the hot summer sunshine.

Kuzuma has seven luxury tented suites, including one family suite. All were btilt to blend with the unspoilt natural environment. They all face the bushveld and were designed for utter privacy. Your personal host will ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. This is the Camp Kuzuma promise. As isolated as Kuzuma is and considering that it is 100% off the grid, the meals are no different to those found in an upmarket, inner-city restaurant. Whether dinner is served in the elegant dining room open to the gentle breeze, in the boma around the fire, or as a private dimer next to the pool under the stars, dining at Camp Kuzuma is simply superb.
It is from this oasis that you can explore the famous Chobe National Park and enjoy a sunset cruise on the mighty Chobe River. As you float along, you will witness the elephants having a last dip in the burnt-orange-tinted water; listen to the haunting lament of fish eagles; and observe plovers, lapwings, jacanas, osprey, the inevitable ducks and geese and the tiny, colourful Malachite kingfisher It is game-watcher’s and twitcher’s paradise. The halcyon days move seamlessly into each other and soon the idea of not having the elephants on your doorstep becomes completely alien. The slow drive on the rutted track back to the airport is a little like saying farewell to your new best friends.

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