You can’t wish away the winter. It stands as a testament to life’s seasonality. Earth needs winter to regroup. As animals hibernate in their long-awaited sleep, Mother Nature coats a snow-white blanket over her inhabitants. It is a magical time to get away and see the Southern Hemisphere as you’ve never seen it before.

Whether you love the bush, snow, beach or the city; there are many perks to packing your bags, booking your flight ticket and getting away for that much-needed winter holiday. Nothing warms the heart like a bit of adventure, particularly when you are spoilt for choice.


Unlike when shrubs are lush and green in the hot summer months, the land is somewhat bare and exposed during winter. This makes it the ideal season to head to the bush for game viewing is optimised. Depending on where you are, you may also find comfort in being exposed to fewer mosquitoes during this time of year.

For an unforgettable, luxurious bush safari, Camp Kuzuma in Botswana should be the winter bush destination of choice. From a pampering bush spa, to hearty meals and luxurious offerings, this destination knows just how to warm you up.

Meaning “hunter” in Botswana’s indigenous language, Kuzuma lends its name to the 5-star lodge that features unmatched game viewing pleasure in the area. Even from the comfort of your armchair, Camp Kuzuma offers you a front row seat to animals frequenting the camp’s waterhole. It is not only land animals that show off; there are nearly 200 species of birds that also call this place home.

Owners Stefan du Plessis and Rudy Visser, have placed ecotourism at the forefront of the experience on their three-hectare land concession. By working closely with the authorities, Mother Nature benefits in that all animals are free to roam freely across the 11,800 hectares of traversing rights in the natural Kazuma Forest Reserve.

Camp Kuzuma is passionate about sustainable tourism. Their efforts are not only paid lip service, but are backed up by the establishment being accredited by the Green Choice certification scheme. In a bid to generate green footsteps, Camp Kuzuma operates off the grid, using 66,300-watt solar panels that store energy from sunlight, and maintains an eco-green sewerage system that recycles water and kitchen waste. For more info, visit Fly direct to Kazuma Forest Reserve on SA Airlink. Go to